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Stainless Steel Backsplash
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Kick Plate Direct is proud to offer a variety of stainless steel backsplash that look sleek and modern in any interior.

Chrome backsplashes look great, but they come with a hefty price tag. Instead, opt for stainless steel backsplasch that mimic the look of chrome without the added cost. Stainless steel is a tough and durable material that lasts for decades and requires no special care instructions.

We offer splashbacks made from satin brushed stainless steel (with a satin chrome effect), or polished stainless steel (which looks like polished chrome).

  • Protect your investment with backsplash in the kitchen and bathroom
  • Stainless steel backplases are durable and easy to care for
  • Available in satin brushed stainless steel (satin chrome appearance) and polished stainless steel (polished chrome appearance)
  • Available in standard sizes and customisable dimensions

Kick Plate Direct offers a wide variety of stainless steel backsplash that will protect your tiles, paint, and drywall.

Our stainless steel backsplashes are made from a solid stainless steel sheet. We carry stainless steel splashbacks in standard ‘off the shelf’ sizes, as well as in customised designs and dimensions. Please note that they are not MDF backed.

Splashbacks (also known as backsplashes) are one of the most important features in any kitchen. Even the most conscientious chef will end up splashing water while they cook and clean, resulting in mold, mildew, and water damage. A backsplash prevents this damage, ensuring that your kitchen walls and counters remain in excellent condition. You’ve invested in your home – why not take the extra step to protect your investment?

We also have many clients who use our stainless steel backsplashes in industrial and commercial kitchens, as well as behind sinks and tubs in bathrooms. They are quick and easy to clean, and don’t require any special cleansers or cleaning instructions. Stainless steel backsplashes prevent water from pooling behind your sink or tub, preventing water damage and saving you money in the future.

Whether you plan to install stainless steel backsplashes in your home or your commercial space, it pays to go with a reputable brand that sells high-quality products. Kick Plate Direct offers top quality, excellent customer service, and affordable prices.


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Antibacterial coated kick plates.

As people around the world are reeling from the global Covid-19 pandemic, it’s essential to look for ways to reduce the spread of the virus and possible future viruses. At Kick Plate Direct, were doing our small part and addressing this concern head-on with the introduction of antimicrobial coating to our range of kick plates, which will now be available as an optional extra. This protective antibacterial coating fights viruses in public buildings, allowing you to operate safely with peace of mind.

The coating is a clear lacquer finish that is applied to the kick plates at the point of manufacture. The applied coating is barely visible on most materials, allowing the style of your kick plates to shine through. It prevents 99.9% of mold growth, bacteria, biofilm, and viruses for the entire lifetime of the product. Its efficacy has made it a favorite for industries around the world and is tested to the JIS Z 2801 and ISO 22196 international standards.

We recommend the antimicrobial coating be used in hospitals, care homes, public buildings, and schools – the places where safety and hygiene matter the most. We especially recommend the antibacterial coating be applied to push plates and pull handles, which are used by hands. Adding this treatment to kick plates will help fight against cases of flu, colds, and other viruses for years to come.

How does it work?

The antimicrobial technology works by embedding silver ions in the material substrate. These ions destabilize the virus-cell, prevent it from replicating, and effectively kill it.

It is entirely safe and comprised of substances approved by the EPA, EFSA, and FDA. It does not include nano-silver, triclosan, or any other organic antimicrobial additives that have environmental concerns. The coating does not wear off, as it is completely incorporated into the kick plate material. It will remain active for the lifespan of the product. We can have the coating applied to any of our kick plates, and they can be installed in any location, both inside and outside.

If you have any further questions about Anti-bacterial coating to kicking plates, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly and helpful staff.