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Aluminum Treadplate
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The aluminum tread plate is a high strength material designed to withstand high impact. It goes by many names such as checker plate, chequer plate, diamond plate, and 5 bar tread plate.

It features high impact resistance, which makes it an excellent choice for use as a door protection plate. Its also routinely fitted in places like warehouses, gyms garages. These plates can withstand high impact from cart and trucks all day long while still offering outstanding protection to the door or wall it's covering.

One of the great features of the chequer plate is the raised pattern, which acts as an anti-slip mechanism on the face making it useful for flooring and use on trailers. The back of the kickplate is flat to allow for a flush fitting.

Given the level of protection tread plate offers, we think they're excellent value for money.


Our entry-level kick plates are predominantly for decorative purposes. Whist they will still offer some level of protection to the door, they can only be fitted on a door with a low volume of traffic.


Standard-duty is our most commonly used thickness; it is typically the go-to choice for domestic doors and office buildings. Standard duty kick plates offer a great deal of protection while benefiting from good aesthetics. It is suitable for locations with moderate usage.


Heavy-duty kick plates must be installed where additional strength may be required—often used in locations with a greater footfall like public buildings, hospitals, and restaurant kitchen doors. These plates will also offer a great deal of protection against impact from trucks and carts.

Extra Heavy-Duty

Our thickest sheets are often used when the strength and impact resistance of the door protection plate is crucial. Servicing areas like industrial warehouses where the level of impact could be high would call for the extra heavy-duty option.

  • Pre Drilled Holes (Screws included) With this option, our Kicking plates will come pre-drilled and countersunk with matching fixing screws. We use countersunk Philips head wood screws which will sit flat on the kick plate once fixed. The size of the screw is 5/8 x 6”
  • Self Adhesive(Back of kickplate)
  • Screw Fix and self adhesive(Back of kickplate)
  • Magnetic Tape(Back of kickplate)
  • Square Corners
  • Radius Corners


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Routinely wipe the kickplate down with a soft cloth and warm soapy water. Try to avoid using an abrasive sponge, as this may result in scratching the kick plate and damaging the surface.

To finish off the cleaning process, you can also use a domestic glass cleaner on this item. Be sure to dry the kick plate after cleaning to avoid water spots emerging.